Missing Classmates

***Missing classmates are those classmates who have NOT joined the site or contacted us by mail.*** 

We have contacted everyone we could find an address on and have received several of the letters back marked undeliverable.  

Please help us find these people and/or help us get those with contact info to join the site.

If you know that any of these people do not have access to email, please let Debbie or Kathy know.  We will mail them a letter.

Teddy Bray
Ivy Brewer
Kathryn Carter
Dorothy Covington
Paul Dale
Virgie Darty
Paul Davidson
Mary Davis
Gary Elmore
Ronnie Evans
Anita Glenn
Larry Hawthorne
Anita Heathcock
Ethel Hunt
Christine Jimmerson
David Johnson
Marla Johnson
Lachelle Lewis
Freida Marshall
Joe McGee
Charles McPhail
Gary Medlin
Mark Medlin
Glenda Moore (Hudgens)
Gary Morgan
Diane Newton
Larry Pettie
Richard Pitts
Henry Ratliff
Randy Richardson (Markham)
Jackie Roberts (Morse)
Keith Sawyer
Jerry Shaw
Annie Smith
Sandra Smith
Sherry Stevens (Riney)
Gwendolyn Toles

Guest Members

Edna Chaffin (Teacher)
Martha Johnson (Teacher)
Neely Mitchell (Teacher)
Ron Nall (Teacher)
Joe Parkinson (Principal)
Verlon Till (Counselor)