Planning Pics

Planning a reunion is hard work...and a lot of fun! 

Some of us got together one Saturday in December to begin planning. We had a blast. Renee Young and Ray Gurley also stopped by but didn't stay for the pictures!

Front row:  Vicky Alston Fairey, Kitty Hughes Teeter, Donna House Brooks.  Middle Row:  Wanda Hopper Wilkeson.  Back Row:  Kathy Barnes Gillum, Linda Maxwell Pujol, Debbie Holland Phillips

 Our 2nd Planning Meeting 5/17/08 at Wanda's house. 

Front row (seated): Wanda Hopper Wilkerson.  Middle Row:  Donna House Brooks, Kathy Barnes Gillum, Vicky Alston Fairey.  Back row:  Debbie Holland Phillips


9/20/08 meeting at Wanda's house