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09/19/11 09:13 PM #672    


Vicky Alston (Fairey)

Looking forward to seeing you all Friday and Sat. night!!!!!


09/25/11 09:30 PM #673    


Debbie Holland (Phillips)

We shared so many memories Saturday night (for those of us who can remember!).  What a fun time.  So sorry if you couldn't make it.  Try next year if you can.

10/27/11 07:01 PM #674    


Vickie Vaughn (Parrott)

Happy Birthday, Elaine....Hope you had a wonderful day!  Wishing you many - many more!

12/17/11 05:27 PM #675    


Kitty Hughes (Teeter)

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  Kitty

12/28/11 02:42 PM #676    


Linda Maxwell (Pujol)


12/29/11 03:32 PM #677    

Dale Nunnery

Thank you!

01/29/12 12:42 PM #678    


Harold Nolen

Happy Birthday,Debbie!! Thanks for all you do for the class.smiley

01/29/12 04:06 PM #679    


Debbie Holland (Phillips)

Harold, you are so welcome.  I haven't done much lately, but it is a labor of love.  Thanks for checking in!


08/26/12 09:11 PM #680    


Nancy Champion (Sullivan)

Just seen on facebook Marcus Hill passed away today. Funeral arragements are Friday 12-2 visitation, Services at 2 at H.S. Smith Funeral Home

08/27/12 08:32 PM #681    


Kitty Hughes (Teeter)

Sad Marcus Hill past.


09/09/12 05:41 PM #682    

Bryan Oatsvall

I am very sad to hear about my old buddy marcus, i,ii miss him very much just as i do all the other classmates, so i am saying to all uf us that is left  don,t drink the water.

09/09/12 08:58 PM #683    


Debbie Holland (Phillips)

I would like to have an obituary to put on his memorial page or any more recent pictures.

09/15/12 11:33 AM #684    


Kitty Hughes (Teeter)

I do not understand why we would spend $1500. On a concrete bench. I am sure we could put that money toward a better cause for our school. So I need more information.

09/16/12 10:04 PM #685    


Nancy Champion (Sullivan)

Kitty the benches are granite and set on a concrete slab in front of the school it will have Class of 1974 and a tiger at the bottom, Numerous classes have already done this,and its to beautify our brand new school. 

09/19/12 01:42 PM #686    


Vicky Alston (Fairey)

Just wondering if the estimate came from Whitener's ??? They did a great job on one in memory of my son that is right outside the new gym. I think it's a great idea and would be willing to donate on something that would be there for many years to come.

09/21/12 05:56 PM #687    


Nancy Champion (Sullivan)

Vicky, the granite bench will be made by Whitener's.  The total cost is $1,400.00.  This includes the 6x8 concrete slab that the bench will sit on.  The sides of the bench seat will have "Class of 1974" and a Tiger head will be below the seat in the center.  We can add any sayings or symbols we want at no extra charge.  Any ideas please let us know.  We saw Brantley's the other day and it is beautiful!  Oh....Please kiss Paul when you see him!          





10/29/12 09:08 PM #688    


Vicky Alston (Fairey)

Thanks for the info Nancy!!!!! I will fill you all in on the McCartney concert!!! I'm very excited about going, and I have excellent seats.......this is a dream come true......only about 50 years in the making as I can remember being in love with Paul when I was very little!!!! Thanks for compliment on Brantley's bench. I think it's beautiful too.

11/02/12 10:27 AM #689    

Donna House (Brooks)

I am very saddened to say that our classmate Bader Fike died this morning, November 2. Funeral will be tomorrow at 2,with visitation at 11. Plese pray for his family.

11/19/12 08:06 PM #690    


Kitty Hughes (Teeter)

Happy Holiday Class 74!

11/26/14 08:45 PM #691    

Steve Holland

Hi, does anyone still read this forum?  Looking for 1978 classmates.


Steve Holland

12/01/14 08:16 AM #692    

Steve Moody

Steve Holland, yes I check forum now and then; no, do not have any leads on class of 78 grads, sorry.  Google search will find a few.  Good luck, Steve.

Best wishes to class of 74 friends for the holidays and New Year, holy cow, 2015!  :)

12/02/14 09:56 AM #693    


Elaine McClendon (Acord)

Merry Christmas to all my classmates!!!!!


12/02/14 05:31 PM #694    


Vicky Alston (Fairey)

Wow, it HAS been quite a long while , hasn't it!!!!!!!! Glad you responded Steve M and Elaine!!!!!! Maybe we'll start some good communication..........As I am aging, I sure do think about my classmates and wonder how everyone is doing......I got to visit with Elaine about a month ago at her brother Nathan's house and we had a great time talking and looking at her pictures from Italy ( they are awesome)...... She had just gotten back from her dream trip......I would love to hear from some of you sure has a way of changing so quickly......Elaine lost her husband a few months ago so keep her in your prayers if you will.......also Renee has been going through so much......she is such a lovely person, inside and out......the epitome of grace and beauty !!!!!!  Love you Renee!!!!!  I've had a very busy year, and even got to travel to Washington, DC and meet with Senator Blunt in his office of the Senate building, as well as Rep. Smith in the House of Representatives along with other delegates from Missouri to lobby for mentsl health rights ( I'm a Psychiatric & Mentsl Health RN and a program director)...... I got to meet with former Senator Patrick Kennedy in September in Kansas City to talk with him about his efforts in promoting brain cancer research ( near and dear to my heart after losing my son to this).......hope you all are well and would love to hear some updates!!!!!!!!  .......( ps to Steve Holland, Inwill ask my sister Teresa if she knows of any plans for class of 78)....,,Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!,,,Love to all, Vicky

12/03/14 05:58 PM #695    

Steve Holland


Thanks for the response.  Just spent Thanksgiving with Debbie her husband Steve, my son Zachary (who's a junior computer science engineer at the University of Arkansas) and my mother and step father.  Good to see everyone but the flight from Baltimore to Fayetteville and then the drive to Mountain Home drained me.

Good to see the class of '74 still alive and kicking :)

Steve Holland (Class of 1978)



01/24/15 10:53 PM #696    


Nancy Champion (Sullivan)

Just wanted to let everyone know I was told Ronnie Evans passed away yesterday.


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